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Professional Piano Moving Services

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We have been safely moving pianos in the Arkansas River Valley for more than four decades now. We routinely move:

  • Spinet sized uprights (approx. 36-39" tall)

  • Console sized uprights (approx. 41-43" tall)

  • Studio sized uprights (up to 45-48" tall)

  • Grand Pianos (up to 7' long)

*Full sized / Old Fashioned / Upright Grand / Antique upright pianos (any over 48" tall) and Grand pianos over 7' long are considered on a case by case basis. We mainly operate in the Arkansas River Valley which we consider to be from Harrison (north), to Hot Springs (south) to Little Rock (east) to Ft. Smith (west) but will consider long distance moves to and from the River Valley area on a case by case basis.

Routine moves are considered ground floor to ground floor. Hardwood & Tile floors are no problem. Routine moves can range between $100 to $300 for uprights under 48". Grand Piano pricing starts at $100 per foot

Special needs that make the move more difficult can increase the cost.

Examples would be:

  • Sloped Lots / Steps & Stairs. A routine move is any location that has steps less than "waist high" from one level to another (ex: a few steps that lead from the ground to a porch). However, locations with multiple steps that lead more than "waist high" from one level to another (ex: staircase or high porch) require specialty equipment or extra manpower which increases the price.
  • Narrow hallways. When a piano is moved into a bedroom that is accessed from a narrow hall the piano has to be place on it's side. The procedure of placing a piano on it's side is risky which increases the price.
  • Lack of hard surface for equipment to roll on. If the piano has to be move an extended distance across surfaces such as grass, dirt or gravel, then specialty equipment or extra manpower is needed which increases the price.


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I thought I would share this video I found on YouTube from Robert Estrin of Living Pianos in Santa Ana, CA about hiring piano movers. We are not affiliated with him but I thought he provided very useful information for those needing to have a piano moved.